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Building to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice


Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice: ULI Publication Contains Strategies for Development that Encourages Healthy Lifestyles Report is Part of ULI’s Ongoing Efforts to Highlight the Connection between Land Use and Health WASHINGTON (February 19, 2015) – Development strategies that can improve health outcomes, such as providing protected bikeways, minimizing noise pollution, and offering amenities such as community gardens, are highlighted in a new publication from the Urban Land Institute (ULI), the Building Healthy Places Toolkit: Strategies for Enhancing Health in the Built Environment. The Building Healthy Places Toolkit outlines 21 practical, evidence-based recommendations … Read More

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Thinking Bigger about the Role of Micro Units


New research from the Urban Land Institute suggests that micro units—typically larger than a one-car garage, but smaller than a double—have staying power as a housing type that appeals to urban dwellers in high-cost markets who are willing to trade space for improved affordability and proximity to downtown neighborhoods. The Macro View on Micro Units includes an analysis by MPF Research of more than 400 rental apartment communities (comprising more than 90,000 units) built in 2012–2013 in the 35 U.S. metropolitan areas that experienced the highest concentration of multifamily construction during … Read More

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Event Recap – Climate Change in Hawaii


On July 11, 2014, our monthly brown bag series featured Dolan Eversole, Regional Coordinator of NOAA UH Sea Grant Coastal Storms Program. Dolan presented the latest research on how climate change is expected to affect the built environment on Oahu and what mitigation and adaptation techniques are being discussed. Dolan said Hawai`i is stepping up efforts at planning for adaptation with recent legislation that assigns the State Office of Planning to implement an adaptation policy. You can see the text of the legislation here>>> Some of the key points from the talk: FLOODING … Read More

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Tax Increment Financing: Tweaking TIF for the 21st Century


Tax increment financing (TIF) can be a powerful economic development tool. Under the right circumstances, TIF can generate enough funding to make a real difference. And with the right safeguards in place, TIF encourages government and the private sector to form a partnership based on each other’s strengths. “Without TIF or other government programs, the only redevelopment will be for the rich, by the rich,” says Stephen B.Friedman, a consultant with decades of TIF experience in Illinois and Wisconsin and a member of ULI’s Public/Private Partnership Council. For neighborhoods in … Read More

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Creating Self-Sustaining Communities

China Town Scene 1

The “cell” or village concept is an effective design solution to reverse negative effects from decades of sprawl. “For all the implications of ‘sprawl’—from job loss and economic decline, to alarming obesity, asthma rates, and segregation, to the loss of habitat and global warming, to our dangerous dependence on foreign oil—all of them are driven by one fundamental problem: the mismatch between where we live and where we work.” This statement, made by Shaun Donavan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in a White House blog in … Read More

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July 2013 – Public Development and Infrastructure Outlook

by Ron Nyren for UrbanLand Magazine July 8, 2013 In the last several years, public/private partnerships have gotten a bad reputation because cities started entering into concession agreements, turning over public assets to private entities in exchange for money upfront. These agreements were misnamed public/private partnerships and resulted in cities’ giving up future revenues that were needed to create long-term fiscal balance… The better model is a true partnership where cities that need capital access private capital and draw on private sector innovation and management to increase asset value and annual income. … Read More

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May 2013 – Micro Unit Developers See Big Future

At our ULI May 2013 Spring Meeting in San Diego, 3 developers of housing micro-units talked about these innovative housing options and their future. Shrinking the floor plate means removing things like kitchens. Smaller units may appeal to older customers as well as younger. Location is it’s own amenity. See the full article here>>>

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2012 Sept – Entitling Energy Projects

Entitling Energy Projecs Brown Bag 2

On September 6, 2012, ULI Hawaii hosted a brown bag discussion on Developing and Entitling Renewable Energy Projects in Hawaii with Cameron Black, Acting Renewable Energy Facilitator of DBEDT and Jon Wallenstrom, President of Forest City Hawaii and ULI Hawaii Chair, leading the discussion. In the past 5 to 10 years, new regulations and policies have been implemented to make the development of large-scale renewable energy projects easier. However, getting such projects off the ground remains challenging.  Per Cameron Black, the continuing introduction of new technologies requires regulators to take … Read More

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