ULI Mayors Forum - Karl Kim
Public Sector Housing Meeting 2012
Daily Commute in Honolulu
ULI Mayors Forum
Honolulu June 2013-3

Creating Thriving Communities

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) strongly believes that we must invest now in infrastructure, housing, energy, transportation and urban infill. We need to look long term and set the stage now for stronger social and economic success in Hawaii's future.

ULI showcases best practices in land use that accommodates population growth while preserving land resources. It finds solutions to funding large scale community improvements through strategic partnerships.

Creating Thriving Communities

The social, economic, and environmental costs to previous land use patterns are now unacceptable. But if we want to change, we cannot use the same land use laws and ordinances, financing mechanisms, and mind sets that are patterned on producing sprawl and an automobile centered lifestyle.

ULI offers best practices from around the world on how to move on.