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Land Use professionals go into the classroom

New professional training

During the week of August 20, over 20 land use professionals from Honolulu learned how to use their background and expertise to expose high school students to the political complexities, the financial requirements, and the market forces that affect development – our built environment. UrbanPlan is an exciting educational initiative of the ULI developed in partnership with the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (FCREUE) at  the University of California at Berkeley and a team of high school economics teachers. The purpose of the program is to help our citizenry better … Read More

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Young Leader Speed Mentoring: 3 Presidents & a Governor

Three Presidents & A Governor: ULI Young Leaders Speed Mentoring 2012 Among ULI Hawaii’s activities is the supporting of a robust group of approximately 50 “Young Leaders”, ULI members under the age of 40. The purpose of this group is to develop leadership in new best land use practices in the upcoming generation of decision makers. The speed mentoring event is an annual highlight on the ULI Young Leaders calendar every year, and this year’s event raised the bar to a new level. Per Brett Lau, the new ULI YL … Read More

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