Social Media & Land Use Issues

What we learned from our social media project - Get out early to present your story. Don't be afraid to engage, this is the purpose of social media. Stay focused on your message.

Social Media & Land Use Issues

In 2016, ULI Hawaii received a grant from the ULI Foundation for a social media project. The grant helped fund 2 aspects of social media:

  1. Workshops for ULI members on how to use social media effectively to advocate for their development projects.
  2. Create a 6-month pilot campaign to educate the public, using social media, on how compact, walkable, transit-friendly developments are more healthy and sustainable than traditional development patterns.

The workshops were presented by Hawaii’s social media guru, Neenz Faleafine. They were recorded and are available to ULI members. Please email Barbie>>> or Katie>>> for the links to the 3 workshop videos. The videos are described below.

Video Descriptions:

Workshop #1 – What is Social Media – 20 minutes / an overview of the potential power of social media

  1. Why social media?
  2. Understanding the psychology of social media users in order to create success.
  3. Traits of and the critical role of your leader / spokesperson in making your social media program successful. 
  4. TMT as a case study. How social media stopped the building of the TMT telescope on Mauna Kea. Leadership – how the TMT opposition didn’t become a massive force until a strong leader stepped in. What TMT did wrong.

Workshop #2 – The Art of Social Media – 55 minutes / Details on how to set up a social media program in your organization

  1. The Magic & Power of Social media is in communicating and collaborating – also the scariest since people can be mean.
  2. If you ignore feedback, the public will start ignoring you and express their opinions elsewhere where you may not be able to respond.
  3. Communicate and Respond within a culture you create.
  4. Start Early!! Don’t wait until 2 weeks before your project starts. Start as early as possible since change is scary to the public and you can help prepare them through social media.

Special OnLine Workshop – The Art of Building Communities / The Hows and Whys of Social Media – 19 minutes

  1. Short summary of the 2 workshops presented to ULI Hawaii
  2. The power of social media – very reflective of our latest election. How you can harness this power.

For its social media posts, ULI Hawaii used several clips and ideas from the 2014 presentation in Honolulu by the internationally know urban visionary, Gil Penalosa. You can see Penalosa’s full presentation here. The presentation was in November 2014 and was to a joint ULI Hawaii / City of Honolulu symposium.